Placemats of the Future  
Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Eluctable & Elucting

Gimme a dollar.

I don't have a dollar.

Gimme one anyway.

I don't got one. Now shut it.

I wanna a dollar.

Stop it.

Gimme a —

Tell me something. I'm reading this Ulysses here.

So? That make you some Greek scholar?

Joyce, you freakin' dingbat. ... Joyce, moron. Irish.

You an Irish scholar?

Look, he says right here —

Irish setter?

"The ineluctable modality of the visible."

Setting sun?

Do you get it? Do you need this explained to you?

Sun never sets on the British empire?

You need me to crack open your skull and force feed this down your fuckin' windpipe?

Son never sits on the British umpire?

Look: "ineluctable" comes from the Latin, about struggling.

Son rather sits than struggle with the umpire?

Damn you, listen, ineluctable is about struggling, never —

Rather shit than struggle?

— never escaping, always giving up —

Dan Rather sits in the struggle?

never giving up, I mean, damn you, unable to escape, struggling but never free.

Dan Rather blips on the screen?

This is all beyond your ken, ain't it?

What's the frequency, Kenneth?

"Modality" is, damn you, shut it, modality is ... something about mode.

Mode in Japan?

Wisecracks, I oughta crack your skull, watch your brains bleed down your chin.

Modal harpoon?

And "visible" is of course, being seen. Seen, not heard, you catch that?


Good. So, in summary ...

har ... pooned ...

Yeah, 'pooned. Now, look, what do you think Joyce meant by modality being ineluctable because Daedelus is visible? Or only when he's visible?


Where the fuck did you go? I turn my back for one instance and you —


At least ...


... now ...


... some ..


... ineluctable, I s'pose ...


... silence.

Copyright (c) 2002, 2003 Jim Nelson.